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2009 Workshops 2

December 10, 2008

A stand-alone workshop offering for those in the early stages of thinking about starting their own business is called:

“Fundamentals of Small Business”

This workshop focuses on basic processes critical to starting and managing a business. For a start-up business, reviewing these processes is a reality check – a no-nonsense look at the requirements and challenges of starting a business. “Small Business Fundamentals” is a valuable learning experience for new business entrepreneurs.

Who should attend?

People considering starting or buying a business. The workshop could also be of interest to small business owners who want to learn how to evaluate business ideas.

What you will learn:

Ten essential factors that determine the success of business ideas

Starting your business (naming and registering your business)

Organizational options (sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, S Corp, etc.)

Marketing your product or service, including positioning your product or service, defining your target customer’s wants and needs, and evaluating your competition

The fundamentals of a business plan

Interpreting Cash Flow, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statements

Funding alternatives

What you need to know to start a business, and where to find answers

Dates offered:

January 21, 2009
February 28
March 25
May 2
May 20
July 15
August 22
September 16
October 24
November 11
December 12,2009

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