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SCORE is a Resource for Existing Businesses!

December 30, 2008

A popular misconception is that SCORE Lancaster only focuses its counseling and education services on people considering start-ups, not on existing businesses.

In fact, almost half of SCORE’s clients are already in business. These businesses seek SCORE’s help resolving problems, capitalizing on opportunities and improving management skills as their businesses grow larger and more complex.

SCORE assists existing businesses in several ways:

· Business Roundtables
· Advisory Boards
· Team Counseling
· One-on-One Counseling
· Mentoring
· Other Resources

Business Roundtables bring businesses with common interests and challenges together. SCORE counselors facilitate Roundtable discussions and offer insights as well as suggestions. Clients can share best practices and exchange ideas. It’s focused networking.

Advisory Boards function like an unofficial Board of Directors. A SCORE client can invite a team of five SCORE counselors to review their business plans and financial results. The team then offers its evaluation and suggestions. Clients create action plans, and counselors follow-up to review results and offer additional guidance. Client/SCORE sub-teams may form to focus on specific functions, such as marketing or customer satisfaction.

It’s a challenge for small businesses to find and afford the kind of consulting that SCORE provides and it’s not unusual for small businesses to ‘go it alone’ and simply do the best they can. But now they can rely on SCORE … and SCORE consulting is free!

SCORE Lancaster’s 50 members have a wide range of experience and expertise, including finance, marketing, sales, manufacturing and business management. Counselors have both large and small business experience … and many are still active in business.

Learn more about SCORE services for existing businesses at or at 717-397-3092, or visit us at Suite 231 at Liberty Place, Lancaster. For best results, request a counselor who will help focus SCORE resources on your specific business needs.

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