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Small Business Readiness Review

February 16, 2009
Sign up now for SCORE Lancaster’s Small Business Readiness Review.
This workshop is a two and a half hour interactive session led by a SCORE facilitator. It is designed to help you assess:
· Why you want to go into business for yourself
· Are you suited to be an entrepreneur?
· Your business skills and those skills needed to achieve success
· Your relationship style compared to that of others
· Relationship strategies that can help you and your business succeed

You should attend if you are considering starting or buying a business. The workshop may also be useful to small business owners who want insight into their strengths as well as areas for development.

What you will learn:
· Why people go into business for themselves
· Factors that help make a business successful
· Your strengths and development opportunities
· Your relationship strengths and challenges
· How to recognize others’ relationship approaches
· How to practice techniques to improve relationship effectiveness
· Where to find additional resources
Dates this workshop is offered 6:30 PM to 9PM Wednesdays:
· March 18
· May 13
· July 8
· September 9
· November 4, 2009

The price is $25 if you pay at the door or $20 if you sign up at our website

To learn more call us at 717-397-3092

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