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Ten “Must Click” Websites

April 17, 2009 shows you how you can help your business grow by surfing the internet for top-notch research and advice. Save some time with these information-rich websites.

    Free statistics and financial ratios for businesses by industry; find out what the average firm in your industry spends and earns.
    The central source for federal, state and local governmentinformationfor businesses; learn about employment laws, where to apply for government grants and loans, and more.
    This lender-matching service offers a range of useful information on various ways to finance a business.
    The Kauffman Foundation runs this site, which features hundreds of how-to articles for entrepreneurs, and data for policymakers.
  • Nielsen
    Snapshots of consumer trends in different markets, from groceries to movies, by one of the oldest and biggest market-research firms
  • Ladies Who Launch
    Blogs, success stories, how-tos and more, all targeting women entrepreneurs
  • Access eCommerce Guide
    Even internet-illiterate entrepreneurs can learn almost everything they need to start an e-commerce business here.
  • Small Business Advancement National Center
    The nation’s entrepreneurship researchers contribute to this trove of scholarly articles on small-business issues.
  • Small Business School
    View online videos and read transcripts of presentations on financing, hiring, exits and more.
  • Statistical Abstract of the U.S.
    The U.S. Census Bureau’s comprehensive and authoritative rundown of statistics on America’s economy and society
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