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Seven Excuses for Not Starting a Business

May 29, 2009

“I can’t believe they are making so much money! I always said that an Italian restaurant in this neighborhood would be a great business. It was MY idea. If I had only started it myself…”

It happens again and again. Every single day. People have great business ideas but they never take action to make them happen. Why? Although there are several reasons, I think that the most common ones are always the same.

“I’m Too Old”

Really? Did you know that Ray Kroc started McDonalds and Colonel Sanders started KFC after they turned 45? Sam Walton opened Wal-Mart at the age of 44. If this is your excuse, read this article and you’ll immediately change your mind:

“I Don’t Have Enough Money”

Entrepreneurs starting companies with no money are the rule, not the exception. Start with a smaller structure, be on a shoestring budget and watch your cash flow very closely. Use your savings, ask your family and friends, or approach an angel investor if you have too. Money is everywhere. If you have a viable business, finding the money won’t be a problem.

“I’m Not Ready”

You probably aren’t, but do you know what? You’ll never be. No matter when you start, you’ll always make mistakes; you’ll never have all the answers. That shouldn’t stop you from going after your dreams.

“It’s Too Risky”

It sure is. But so is your job. People are being laid off every single day. Your job is not safe anymore. Work on minimizing your risk by researching your market properly and starting small and growing after you’ve figured out your business model.

“I Don’t Have a Partner”

Do you really need one? Most people get partners for the wrong reasons (“I don’t want to do this alone.”) A partner should provide something of value: experience in your industry, management skills, financial skills, valuable contacts, funding, etc. Don’t just get a partner because “other people have partners too”.

“I Don’t Have the Time”

We all have 24 hours in our days. Choosing what we want to do with that time is our choice. When you say that you don’t have the time to do something, what you are really saying is that you’d rather do something else with your time. If that’s your case, don’t even bother trying to start a business; you just don’t want it enough.

“I Don’t Have a Business Idea”

This one is not too common. Most entrepreneurs have at least a dozen ideas pulling them into too many different directions. If you don’t have an idea, let me suggest something. Carry a small notebook and a pen with you for an entire week. Every time you find yourself saying “I wish there was a better/cheaper/faster way to do this”, write it down. You are more likely to create a business around something you are familiar with and know how it can be improved. Not all businesses are created around a technological breakthrough.

The timing will never be right, you’ll never be as ready as you’d like and the conditions are never going to be as perfect as you’d wish, so stop giving yourself excuses and don’t let one more second of your life go by without fighting for what you want. Take action now and build the business of your dreams.

About The Author

Zeke Camusio is a serial entrepreneur. His sixth endeavor, The Outsourcing Company, is an Internet marketing agency with offices in Aspen, CO and New York. Zeke writes an entrepreneurship and Internet marketing blog called Let’s Do It! Check it out here:

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