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New Workshop: “Communicate Better … Relate Better”

June 17, 2009

On July 9, SCORE Lancaster launches a new workshop called “Communicate Better…Relate Better.”

The workshop focuses on your everyday communications style – how you communicate when you’re on ‘automatic pilot’ – when you’re not thinking about how you’re communicating and how you can recognize the communications styles of others – why that’s important – and how you can manage those interactions. The workshop offers lots of tools to help improve your communications effectiveness.

Understanding how you normally communicate – for example, with facts vs. feelings, or with ideas vs. directions – can help you build more effective relationships with customers, suppliers and peers. 

This workshop will help small business owners and managers learn about their communications styles … and how to recognize and capitalize on their styles and the styles of others.  More effective communication can lead to more effective relationships … and better productivity and profits.

Workshop participants will learn how to recognize their own  communications style and tendencies – under normal conditions, and under stress.

Participants will be able to recognize the four distinct communications styles – and the advantages and disadvantages of each– as well as  communication problems created by style conflicts.

They’ll learn “flex” behaviors  that allow more effective communicate with those who have different styles.

The presenter is Tom Burgum, Vice Chair, Marketing, SCORE Lancaster.  Tom is a sales and marketing pro who has facilitated dozens of workshops and roundtables. His style is engaging and fun … so you’ll enjoy learning about how and why to communicate better.

For more information and to register, follow the link to “Communicate Better Workshop“.

Fee is $30.  Advance registration required since seating is limited.

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