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New SCORE Web Marketing Workshop

July 6, 2009

On Tuesday, July 14,2009 from 6:30 to 9PM SCORE Lancaster is conducting a Web Marketing Workshop at the SCORE Lancaster Learning Center

Most businesses today have a Website, but often it’s set up without any thought to how it integrates with the overall marketing strategy for the company.  Web marketing in today’s marketplace requires a Website that is written, designed and structured to be your virtual business destination as well as your primary source of information for prospective customers.

Effective Web marketing needs to include search engine optimization and consideration of Web advertising, blogs, e-mail marketing, creation of unique landing pages, and strategies to drive people to your site.

SCORE Lancaster is offering a basic workshop designed for those who want to understand more about Web marketing. It is designed for owners of existing businesses, start-up businesses or anyone thinking about creating a business.

The workshop addresses:

•How to set up a Website that works for you

•The six things you MUST do to keep your Website effective

•How to integrate your Website into your marketing plan and goals (for all business types: retail, service, manufacturing, destination, etc.)

Workshop participants will learn about:

• Basic elements of an effective Website

• How Websites are created and how they work (in terms you’ll understand!)

• How to use your Website as a direct response medium

• Getting results from search engine optimization

• Setting up and sending e-mail blasts

• The pros and cons of starting a blog

• Online media and advertising – what you can do, what to expect, how to buy it

• Making your Website work for you

Carol Aubtiz, owner of Excelsior Marketing, leads the session. For more than 35 years Carol has created marketing plans and strategies for businesses from small family businesses to large international corporations. She has helped clients and companies through four recessionary periods, from the 1970s through the post 9/11 crisis. She writes the weekly marketing e-mail newsletter, The Monday Morning Muse, and is author of a book, “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Marketing.”

Cost is $20 for advanced registration or $25 at the door.   Seating is limited.

Register for the Web Marketing Workshop now.

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