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How to Excel in Your Business

July 22, 2009

Based on years of listening to businesses, experiencing the service they provide and working with them to get things done, it turns out that there is one thing that will put your business in the top one percent of whatever industry you are in.   Here it is: 

Do what you said you would do.   Do it when you said you would.  

There it is. Seems so simple and yet, how many interactions/experiences have you had where you can count on it?  How many follow ups do you send to people?  How many are you responding to? How many letters, emails and calls are you making/receiving with apologies for deadlines and promises missed?

You may want more magic but this is it.

Customers, lost in a fog of promises not kept,  long to find a company to work with that makes this simple rule real.  

Your competition is not talking about it but your clients and prospects cannot wait to hear it. 

So what are the steps you need to put in place so it becomes the rule your business NEVER breaks?  When?

Put it on your business cards, on the first slide of your presentation and at the top of every mission statement. 

Welcome to the top 1% of your industry. 

**Extra credit:

Do more than what you said you would do.  Still do it when you said you would.

Welcome to the very top your industry.

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