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SCORE Lancaster and ASSETS Announce New Workshops

August 21, 2009

Lancaster, PA – Jerry Glenn, Chairman of SCORE Lancaster announced that SCORE and ASSETS are joining forces this fall to promote small business training and mentoring. The strategic alliance sprung from a grant from the Lancaster County Housing & Redevelopment Authority, which encourages Lancaster organizations to partner where possible.

ASSETS in Lancaster has presented a small business start-up program “Business Management and Design” serving minorities and individuals from low to moderate income households for the past sixteen years. For almost 45 years, SCORE Lancaster has provided mentoring, workshops and training programs for small business owners in the community.

Recently SCORE Lancaster received certification to conduct the nationally known Ewing Kauffman Institute’s FastTrac® First Step classes. Glenn said ” we realized we might overlap with the ASSETS’ “Business Management and Design” program. So the two organizations decided to collaborate on programs to serve the small business community more efficiently.”

The SCORE FastTrac® First Step course is structured for those who may be slightly more advanced and somewhat familiar with basic business terms; the ASSETS “Business Management and Design” program is for the business novice.”

The courses are targeted for budding entrepreneurs – of all educational and financial levels — who wish to open their own business in the near future.

A modest tuition for either program starts at $75 and is adjusted for income level and family size.

Both courses offer blended learning (training and mentoring) and cover start-up business basics, such as defining the business and creating a mission statement; researching the market to determine the feasibility of the business idea, including studying the industry and the competition; refining and pricing the product(s) or service; writing a business plan; understanding start-up and first three year cash flow financials; creating a marketing, promotion and sales plan; plus more. Each course is constructed so, upon graduation, the student will be able to make a go/no-go decision and finalize a business plan. Historically, Business Design and Management and FastTrac graduates have a high start-up success rate.

The FastTrac® First Step program meets Tuesday nights from 6 PM til 9 PM, beginning September 22, 2009. The Business Design and Management program has two time periods: twice weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 PM til 8 PM or the daytime course that meets once a week, Mondays from 10 AM until 1 PM. Both Business & Design Management Courses start September 14, 2009. SCORE and ASSETS are co-sponsoring all the programs and there is a Spanish version, if interest warrants.

A joint ceremony for graduates from all the courses is planned for December 8th, 2009.

All courses take place at the ASSETS Center for Small Business Development – which also has a computer lab — located at 237 North Prince Street, Lancaster, PA. There is ample nearby, free parking.

For information on the SCORE-ASSETS programs and which is the best fit for you, contact ASSETS’ Maria Garcia Iniesta at 393-6089, or Hugh MacMaster of SCORE at

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