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Things That Bother Customers

September 5, 2009

Customers can be fickle: happy one minute, not happy the next. But the better job we can do of avoiding trigger points that bring on customer dissatisfaction, the better we can keep our customers happy. In other words, customers will always find reasons to be unhappy, but we shouldn’t help them in that endeavor.

 Here’s what might be bugging your customers today:

• You talk more than you listen.

• You prescribe product solutions before you understand the needs & desires of the prospect.

• You say trite stuff like “this is our most popular widget” or “most customers love this.”

• You make it more difficult to buy than necessary.

• You don’t do what you say you’re going to do.

• You get impatient or angry when asked questions or given objections.

• You don’t take sufficient time to understand the prospect.

• You don’t add value to the relationship; you only react to prospect’s requests or questions.

• You don’t care about your prospect.

• You don’t deliver bad news in hopes it will just go away.

• You under-estimate cost or time.

• You over-sell your product or service.

• You don’t return phone calls, emails, or texts quickly enough or at all.

• You omit important information the prospect should be aware of before committing.

• You don’t help the prospect understand the issues they should know about before making a decision.

• You ask for the sale too early or at the wrong time.

• You pressure the prospect to buy.

• You talk too fast or too loud.

• You touch or talk inappropriately.

• You or your breath smell bad.

• You use too much cologne or perfume.

• You dress inappropriately.

• You don’t go to bat for your customer internally within your company.

By  Skip Anderson who is the Founder and President of Selling to Consumers Sales Training . He works with companies and individuals who sell to consumers in B2C, retail, in-home selling, and the financial, real estate, and insurance markets.

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