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A Call for New SCORE Lancaster Volunteers!

February 15, 2010

SCORE Lancaster will hold an Open House on April 22 for those interested in volunteering to counsel emerging and existing small businesses in Lancaster County.  If you can commit at least twenty hours per month … if you have relevant experience and expertise to share with entrepreneurs … if you want to learn more about the requirements and expectations of SCORE membership … come to Liberty Place, Lancaster, 11:15-1:30, April 22, 2010 and join us for lunch. 

Meet our counselors.  Learn about our effectiveness from several successful clients; share lunch with local community and political leaders; and evaluate the fit between SCORE’s mission and your interests and availability to mentor entrepreneurs. 

Through one-to-one mentoring, business plan reviews, business roundtables and advisory boards, SCORE counselors conducted 1,500 free sessions with 500 clients last year.  In addition, SCORE conducted 55 low-cost workshops – for 700 small business entrepreneurs. We  helped create an estimated 30 new companies and 134 new jobs in Lancaster County, PA. 

Today Lancaster SCORE includes about 50 members, many still active in fulltime employment. The combination of retired executives and active business people offers our clients valuable, current insight. For counselors, benefits include collaboration with successful business executives, needs assessment and problem-solving for small businesses, coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs from start-ups to existing companies. 

To learn more about the role and commitment of SCORE volunteers, contact Dave Templeton at 717-413-2457 or  .

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