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Meet Our Volunteers – Peter Reyburn

June 5, 2010

“Financing.” Thoughts of obtaining it intimidate even the most confident entrepreneur. For SCORE Lancaster clients, however, this need not be the case…counselor Peter Reyburn is there to help.

SCORE Volunteer Peter Reyburn

Peter has built a career with several financial institutions. From investments to financial planning, his background includes an insider’s knowledge of the banking world, which he shares with SCORE business planning workshop attendees as well as with individual SCORE clients.

“As a mentor, I meet with clients and discuss their needs. At the outset this includes answering questions like ‘How can I find financial assistance?’ Credit scores and financial strengths are considered. I also advise clients as to the inquiries financial institutions will present during the application process and the best way to respond,” Peter says.

A counselor since 2009, Peter’s respect for the SCORE Lancaster team is evident. “The caliber of the executives affiliated with this team is phenomenal. They are savvy people who offer a wide spectrum of talents to help entrepreneurs succeed,” he remarks.

In addition to volunteering at SCORE, Peter has several interests, including teaching skiing at a local ski resort.

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