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Meet Our Volunteers – Lou Davenport

June 19, 2010

Lou Davenport built an impressive career with a global manufacturer of flooring and ceiling products. In fact, his resume reads like a textbook example of the model corporate leader. Yet despite experience and expertise that could be leveraged into corporate speaking gigs or lucrative book deals, Lou chooses to share his experience by mentoring SCORE Lancaster clients.

During his 14-plus years with SCORE, Lou has helped hundreds of business owners develop the basic skills that lead to success.  “I’ve learned that developing a financial plan, forecasting cash flow, and developing balance sheet forecasts are the places where the vast majority of clients hit the brick wall. It’s one thing to develop the business concept and plan, and another thing to translate that into numbers,” he says.

This North Carolina native also functions as a turnaround expert, guiding entrepreneurs through financial difficulty. Lou states, “I try to help existing businesses pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and turn the business back around into profitability.”

SCORE Leader Lou Davenport

In 2009, Lou took a leadership role in SCORE Lancaster’s implementation of the highly regarded Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation FastTrac® FirstStep™ entrepreneurial learning series.  FirstStep™ is a 12-week series of workshops designed to guide serious entrepreneurs through a feasibility process … to make confident go-no go decisions about their business concepts. Lou became a certified facilitator and managed the program with the help of other SCORE members. 

Nineteen entrepreneurs graduated from the fall 2009 program … and thirteen more graduated from the spring 2010 session.  Most are determined to launch new businesses; some learned that their ideas were not feasible; and some changed their ideas mid-course and are pursuing brand new concepts. Among the many SCORE business education programs, FirstStep has become our most comprehensive and intensive. 

Lou served the SCORE Lancaster Chapter as Chairman, and later as a SCORE Association District Director, guiding sixteen central and southern Pennsylvania SCORE chapters.  He also serves on several committees for the national SCORE Association in Washington, D.C.

Lou says that after his marriage and family, the experience of mentoring SCORE Lancaster clients “has been the most satisfying and gratifying experience, one that I value more than anything else I’ve ever done.”

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