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Meet Our Volunteers – John Bergey

June 28, 2010

You’ve finally done it. You invented a product and developed a prototype. It’s a product that might set the world on fire—if only you could get it to market. SCORE Lancaster clients have free access to the information they need to make that happen.

Counselor John Bergey, the man who headed the team that invented the world’s first commercially available digital quartz watch, helps businesses take a product from the drawing board to the customers’ hands.

Pulsar Watches

SCORE Volunteer John Bergey

John, an Air Force officer who served during the height of the Cold War, started his career with the storied Hamilton Watch Company. Over his decades-long career, he gained hands-on experience in management, marketing, strategic planning, and research and development. What’s more, John holds eighteen U.S. patents and associated foreign patents.

Today he works with SCORE clients to pull together the ingredients for success. John says, “Clients who’ve pursued a technical path may not be too well versed in the concept of planning, marketing, and the other non-technical aspects of starting a business. We [counselors] bring those skills to the table.” He also derives satisfaction from helping some clients realize that perhaps they aren’t suited for the entrepreneur’s path, saving the client time, money, and effort.

 Like many SCORE counselors, John is a generous volunteer, donating his time to the American Cancer Society, the North Museum, and the Lancaster Regional Hospital Board of Trustees.

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