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An Easier Way to Compare Business Insurance

August 19, 2010

From Rob Ciccone, American Express OPEN Forum

In his article on managing your business insurance renewal options Scott Simmonds examines four approaches to renew insurance, one of which is “bidding.”  Bidding is essentially comparison shopping, getting various agents and insurers to compete for your business, potentially resulting in better pricing, coverage, and service for you.  Given the time and effort that may be required to do comparison shopping – contacting different agents, providing them with information, and getting back the various quotes, many business owners simply renew with their current agents, even though they could be missing an opportunity for savings.

To make it easier for business owners to do comparison shopping for business insurance, American Express OPEN is introducing InsuranceEdge, provided by BOLT Insurance Agency.

InsuranceEdge offers a simple process – enter information about your business, compare side-by-side quotes from leading insurers, and purchase if you wish.  There are licensed BOLT insurance agents available to help guide you through the process and answer any business insurance questions you may have.  There’s no obligation to purchase through BOLT, as you may find you’re already getting a price that works for you.

Even if you do not need to renew your business insurance at this time or are happy with your current agent, you may find InsuranceEdge helpful in determining whether your current insurance is adequate for your present business.

As Scott said in his article, comparison shopping can be worth the effort.  We hope you find that InsuranceEdge makes the process simpler.

For more information on InsuranceEdge, visit  E-mail Rob Ciccone with questions at rob @

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