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It’s Time To Change

August 16, 2011

From E-Myth Worldwide

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By Peter Rogers, Client Relations

There’s nothing like getting to your business early in the morning before any of your team, customers or vendors have arrived.  Unlocking the door. Turning on the lights.  Checking that everything is in place.

There’s nothing like being alone in your business before the day begins in earnest. Walking the floors, touching the counter tops, feeling the quiet, (the empty chairs, the empty desks, the silent phone, and the unattended equipment) before all the noise, all the excitement and all the confusion begin. Before the day brings on the routine, as well as the unexpected.  Before you’re confronted with the 1,001 demands for your attention – including issues you thought had already been settled…many times before.

No, there’s nothing like being alone in your business early in the morning before the day has begun.

Unless, of course, that’s all there is.  Just you and your business.

Those desks you touched, well, they’re yours and yours alone.  The equipment that stands idle is waiting for the touch of your hand, no one else’s.  The customers who will be coming in the door soon and calling and emailing are going to be coming for you, and only you, because you’re all there is.

Your vendors, your banker, your janitor, your spouse, your kids, your friends and your associates, all — every single one of them — are going to be calling you, and only you, because you are the only one to call.

That’s what it’s like in a small business where the owner, the founder, and the chief executive officer is also the sales manager, the secretary, the shipping clerk, the IT guy, the customer support person, the receptionist, the bookkeeper, the installer and every other role that must be filled.

Don’t you think it’s time for a change?

When you’ve built your business so that it depends upon you and you alone (as so many of us have unwittingly done) that early morning visit is less an enthrallment than it is a time to achieve some sense of order, some sense of balance.  It’s a time to be alone from the continuous spate of demands which are already waiting inside you and outside your door, from the day before, and the day before that, and last month, and last year (do they go back that long?). It’s a time to temporarily take shelter from the commitments you’ve made to people and things which require attending to, things that need to be honored. Because you gave your word.

You’ve created a people-dependent business; a business that depends solely on you.  Do you find yourself repeating the same tasks, having the same conversations and confronting the same frustrations day in and day out?

At E-Myth, we know what it takes to create business success.  You won’t get there by working at every job that needs to be done.  You will get there if you discover, confront, and focus on your true role in your business.

Who are you in those early morning moments?  The entrepreneur?  The manager?  The technician?  In which role are you strongest?  Which role needs work?

When you’re standing there, in that tranquil moment before the day begins, think about your business.  Working ON your business begins with working ON yourself.  If your business is a reflection of you, then what is your business saying about you?

Vast suffering persists in our world precisely because attempts to find solutions only address symptoms without ever looking at the true, often self-created, causes.  Too many people seem to be satisfied with this band-aid approach.  Too many people are content to simply add another level of mediocrity.

You know in your bones that you are not satisfied with mediocrity.  You know that the mere alleviation of the symptoms is not good enough.  The pain persists.  The purpose of pain is to drive us to find truth.

So, as you’re standing there, in those quiet moments before the business opens, take a look at your business and really SEE it.  And see yourself.  And see those pain points in your business.  Those are symptoms of a deeper problem.  And the solution to those problems lies at the source:  You.

As you grow complacent and stagnant, so does your business.

As you grow dynamic and innovative, so does your business.

It’s time for a new day.

It’s time for a new way of thinking about your business.

It’s time to achieve your entrepreneurial dream.

Are you ready to change your business and your life? Here’s how you can start:

Today – commit to doing something differently – something out of your routine.  The simplest, smallest change or movement, if intentional, creates room for new patterns.  Take a different route to work.  Change your radio station.  Stop for tea instead of coffee.

Today – Spend the first 15 minutes of your morning (or the night before) creating a list of three things you want to have accomplished by the end of the day.  JUST THREE.  Then accomplish them – and write down three more for tomorrow.  Repeat.  Take action and observe the result.  Action.  Result.  Action.  Result.  Feel the power and the pleasure in that simple exercise.

Simple intentional actions change things at the end of the day.

What can you commit to change tomorrow?



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