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16 Facebook for Business Links, 8-26-11

August 28, 2011

Used with prior permission of Peg Corwin, Using Facebook for Business Marketing.  She is a SCORE Chicago business mentor.

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In this week’s Facebook for business marketing links, find out what tabs the internet marketing pros use on their pages, what happened to Facebook places, how much traffic SEO brings to Facebook pages, tips for community management, 20 semi-finalists among Facebook pages of small businesses, what the privacy update means for brands, the art of turning Fans into persuaders, how to manage critics and spammers on your page, and much more.

Recent Facebook for Business Marketing Post

What Tabs Do Internet Marketing Pros Use on Their Facebook Pages?
Find out what tabs Marketing Pilgrim, SEOmoz, Hubspot and Mari Smith use on their Facebook pages.

Facebook Business Marketing Links from Around the Web

A Magazine Bets Readers Will Play Tag, by Elizabeth Olson of the New York Times
“Other publications have experimented with a variety of quick response bar codes to interact with readers, although Glamour said its Facebook-enabled issue, which uses Social SnapTags from SpyderLynk, a Denver provider of mobile marketing technology, was the first of its kind.”

Facebook Users Check Into Starbucks More Than Any Other Restaurant, by Todd Wasserman at Mashable
Also, smaller restaurant brands can outrank the giants: “Buffalo Wild Wings, which has around 700 outlets, was higher on the list than McDonald’s and its 32,000 or so global locations.”

Around the Web Feature on Facebook Pages Shows Foursquare, Other Location Links, by Josh Constine at InsideFacebook
See screenshot above.  Says Constine, “We’ve reached out to Facebook several times over the last week regarding how admins can add the Around The Web panel to their Pages, but haven’t received a response.”

4 Tips for Effective Facebook Community Management, by Andrea Vahl at Social Media Examiner
The tips are: be a resource, respond and engage, moderate and measure.

5 Ways Merchants Can Start Using Facebook Credits, by John Corpus at Mashable
The 5 ways are: sell digital (Skype calls, music, movies, additional ammunition for game battles, etc.), incentivize Fan engagement, think globally, deploy digital content, and be a sponsor.

What is a Facebook Landing Page and Why Do I Need One? by Rich Brooks at Flyte New Media
A custom landing page sets the stage, explains the benefit of liking, extends the brand, and shows you take Facebook seriously.

Free Template Creates Facebook Pages with Photoshop, by David Cohen at AllFacebook
“Hike’s template is vector-based, with individual elements set in the exact pixel locations that they occupy on Facebook pages.”

Gilt Brings Exclusive Sales to Facebook, by Lauren Indvik at Mashable
“Each category will have its own sale beginning at 12 p.m. ET on Mondays.  This week, Gilt Women is offering three products — a necklace, cuff and skirt — selected by one of its buyers exclusively to Facebook fans…Historically, fans have been able to preview the site’s daily flash sales an hour early, and Gilt City extends special privileges to its rewards program members via a private Facebook Group.”

Facebook Kills Places, Foursquare and Gowalla Rejoice, by Pamela Vaughan at Hubspot
“It looks like Foursquare is going to win the location-based check-in service battle, as Facebook announced yesterday it would be killing the Facebook Places check-in featurewithin its mobile app.”

Study: SEO Mattters for Facebook as 34% of External Referral Traffic Comes From Searchby Josh Constine of Inside Facebook
“This means Facebook Page admins should be concerned with search engine optimization when naming Pages, filling in fields on the Info tab, posting content, and placing links to their Pages on websites.”

Bounce to Pose Your Life Questions to Millions of Facebook Users, by Todd Wasserman at Mashable
“The top four polls will run in a Facebook ad unit that will let 150 million-plus Facebook users weigh in. A Bounce rep says this is the first time a Facebook ad has run with an embedded poll.”

What Facebook’s Latest Update Means for Brands, AllFacebook
Privacy changes mean more precise targeting for Deals, more news feed opportunities resulting from location tags, and further thought about  impressions and engagement. “Ultimately, these updates to Facebook will appease users concerned about privacy and give marketers new reasons to increase local ad spending.”

The Art of Turning “Fans” into “Persuaders,” by Ron Schott at IMediaConnection
The art includes identification, customer appreciation, asking and listening, socializing and measuring. Adds Four Online and Facebook Storefronts, by David Cohen at AllFacebook
“The storefronts from offer interaction with consumers via Facebook and the sites themselves, as well as rewarding shoppers with perks including free shipping, automatic coupons, and reordering tools.”

How to Effectively Manage Critics, Trolls and Spammers on Facebook Pages, by Shea Bennett at InsideFacebook
Create a page tab for rules and recommend troublemakers contact you directly by email.

Finalists: Top 10 Small Business Facebook Pages 2011, by Cindy King at Social Media Examiner
See the 20 finalists for the top 10 awards.

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