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Plum Salon and Spa: A SCORE Lancaster Client Success Story

December 1, 2011

By Wendy Komancheck, SCORE Lancaster Volunteer and Writer, Teacher, Editor

Plum Salon and Spa, located at 480 New Holland Avenue, Suite 6101, in Lancaster, opened their doors on August 16, 2011, thanks to the mentoring that they received from SCORE Lancaster.

Plum Salon and Spa

Plum Salon and Spa Staff

Ryan Benner, part owner of Plum Salon and Spa, along with his wife, Lani Todd, answered some questions about how SCORELancasterbenefitted the couple’s dream of opening an upscale salon and spa inLancaster.

SL: Tell me about Plum Salon’s success.

RB: We are proud that we were able to open Plum Salon and Spa with the space, layout, and capabilities to accommodate the business growth we’ve forecast five years from now. We wanted to be able to do things right from the start and not have the need to expand our business down the road.

We are extremely excited about our staff! We have a seasoned group of talented salon and spa professionals that range in expertise from high end, editorial fashion hair and make-up to master stylists with specific areas of expertise, including hard-to-manage hair.

SL: How did SCORELancaster help you fulfill your business dream?

RB: SCORE helped us by providing expert advice about business issues that stemmed from a previous partnership. Our mentor was very experienced and also had a great network of other local professionals he was able to recommend for more in-depth assistance. They also offered very informative educational information that helped with creating our new venture.

SL: Who was your mentor?

RB: Richard Hendricks was our SCORE mentor.

SL: What action did you and Lani take from Richard’s advice?

RB: After meeting with our SCORE mentor, we left with a very thorough understanding of all of the legal terminology and possible business restrictions that were a result of a prior business partnership. Through working with him (Hendricks), he helped us to pursue a course of action that allowed us to exit that partnership in the most cost-effective way, and in one most beneficial to our future business plans.

SL: Why did you decide to start a salon and spa inLancaster?

RB: Lani has been in the beauty industry for 12 years now and has built a solid reputation among both clients and other professionals in this business. We knew that the market existed inLancaster for an upscale salon and spa that offered both excellent products and the services of highly trained spa technicians and master level stylists. The talent pursued us as we began to plan a business in line with our dreams.

SL: What would you recommend to others who are just starting their SCORE journey?

RB: To other people starting with SCORE, I would highly recommend asking about all their educational workshops. They have great classes geared toward new business start-ups.

SL: Anything you’d like to add?

RB: Starting a business can be a monumental task. If we could advise others concerning a good place to start, we would certainly recommend contacting SCORE at the outset. Even with a fair amount of business acumen between us, we definitely benefitted from their resources and our mentor’s counsel.

Thanks, Ryan, for sharing your SCORE experience with us.

For more information about Plum Salon and Spa, call (717) 735-2322, email them at info@plumsalonandspa, or visit their website.

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