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What Marketing Essentials Do I Need?

August 16, 2012

Digital media open up tremendous opportunities for brands to interact with their customers using low-cost and highly-connected tools. That’s the theory. Amid the rapidly changing media landscape, companies of different sizes are struggling to find a marketing strategy that is effective and sustainable. A platform that is popular today may disappear tomorrow; large corporates spend big money on social media campaign that may flop miserably. You are nervous, we know!

Dawn Mentzer, our VP of marketing here at SCORE Lancaster, reminds us that it all goes back to the fundamentals of marketing and branding, which entail building a two-way relationship with customers and keeping them engaged with open, resourceful conversations. The media toolkit may change but the principles of brand communications stay the same. These are her advices in a nutshell:

– Just respond

– Listen and be a resource

– Be proactive in showing support of other small businesses

Check out Dawn’s article featured on SCORE national’s website to find out more about how you can execute these simple yet powerful ideas to take advantage of social media and create a name for your business.

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