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Lancaster SCORE may be just the opportunity you are looking for to share your business knowledge and experience. You can help emerging businesses succeed and stay active and sharp in the local and national small business marketplace.

SCORE Chapter 16 in Lancaster, PA, organized in 1965, has more than 50 members who volunteer their time and energy to mentor those starting or operating small businesses. Experienced mentors help clients gain the knowledge and confidence to help them succeed in business.

SCORE members also conduct low cost workshops, serve as speakers to promote the benefits of SCORE, and facilitate business roundtables and advisory boards. To learn more about Lancaster SCORE – and how you can contribute – call us at (717) 397-3092 or email us at Visit our website at

Benefits of SCORE Volunteerism

Most SCORE members say that staying engaged in business, helping small businesses succeed and grow, and sharing expertise and experience is the best part of being a SCORE mentor.  Other benefits include:

• The satisfaction of contributing to the success of others.

• The respect and recognition of your peers and associates.

• The application of the skills and knowledge that led to your successful career.

• Leadership in your community.

• Opportunities for ongoing education.

Are you a good fit for SCORE?

Here are some of the many skills we need:

• Business, administrative and management expertise

• Computer literacy

•Financial planning and modeling

•Sales and marketing

• Interpersonal communication skills

• Analytical and problem solving skills

• Change management

• Networking throughout the community

• Leadership

Contact us if you’d like to join the premiere small business mentoring team!

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